Time to part ways with plastic toys.

For every million dollars it makes in revenue, the toy industry uses 40 tons of plastic, making it the most plastic-intensive industry in the world. 90% of the toys on the market are made of plastic and contribute to dumps in landfills and the ocean. They can also contain metals such as cadmium or harmful chemicals such as dioxins. 

Plastic toys are also painted in synthetic colours and with that there is also an excessive amount of plastic packaging that is manufactured to wrap them in. The same is immediately thrown out contributing to the vast disposal issues.

Further, plastic processing and toy manufacturing, and the manufacturing of batteries used in powered toys, consume significant amounts of energy, leading to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Soft plastic toys may contain even more phthalates, they have been linked to several reproductive health effects, including reduced fertility, miscarriage, birth defects, as well as to liver and kidney cancer.

If it isn’t just the emission of greenhouse gases, health effects it also ends up the ocean- contributing to the fashion industry-based microplastics in the ocean. It’s a fact that there may be by 2050 more plastic than fish in the ocean. 


The need for Non-toxic Toys.

Wooden toys, on the other hand, are biodegradable, safer for your children, and long-lasting so instead of chipping off, they can be passed down from generation to generation.

As young kids are prone to chewing the toys, wooden toys like natural Non-toxic toys provide a safer alternative. Made from wood and organic colours, you can be worry-free when your child is playing with them. 


Open ended Toys

Plastic toys are usually close-ended and children can only play with them in one way, which hinders their creative process. On the other hand, most open ended toys that allow for more creative play are those made from wooden materials.

Lastly, and most importantly wooden toys create a sustainable future for your children. Their making is simpler, devoid of gas emissions and their end-process is submergible as well. 

We recommend wooden toys over plastic toys for a safer, more creative playtime and better environmental impact. 

We recommend wooden toys over plastic toys for a safer, more creative playtime and better environmental impact. 
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