At ADAU we are creating a lifestyle interspersed with sustainability, where we all can adapt to the necessities of the world and not the other way around. We are passionate about modern living that precedes thought and empathy this idea, guides us in everything we create and do.

What we make at ADAU, is a result of excellent craftsmanship, commitment to detail and ethical sourcing. Our versatile range of eco-friendly products is an embodiment of modern and contemporary designs made by upcycling natural materials that are designed, to last. The line-up has it all from ethical clothing to accessories, crockery to home furnishing items, handicrafts to gardening solutions, skincare amenities and rare artwork – all crafted with love and care by our skilled artisans.

Our Story

It came into being when we realised that we, as consumers ourselves, we were buying things that were not eco-friendly, from clothing to toys, and all the packaging it came in. As we began to understand more of this, we started seeing the toll this has taken on the climate. Whether it is marine pollution which doesn’t disintegrate and kills of 10,000 of marine animals each year or an overwhelming amount of greenhouse emissions. Or, landfills brimming with microplastics, lack in recycling and use of recyclable energy resources and the unfair work environment, especially for women who are producing many of these mass goods.

We started seeing how industries have turned a blind eye towards a sustainable future. We realised we had become a part of the system, where fashion means trends and the demands of the consumers. And, of the detrimental impact, this has had on the environment. And, our society which is deep-rooted in the exploitation of workers and violence against nature.

This was when we knew we needed to create a space for commerce that builds and promotes a sustainable lifestyle and is driven by ethical practices. We wanted to have space that would not only create luxurious products you’ll cherish for years to come but also become a platform, where we could come together as a community and have a conversation about sustainable practices. And, inspire each other, in our own big or little ways.

We realised early on we are looking for a transformation as creators and consumers. And, are committed to creating luxurious and versatile products. Here, at Adau we are looking for a harmonious cohabitation. The beginning of joy, when we love what we wear, play with or use. Products that are created with love and, give back to our artisans and the earth.

Our Mission

Even before building ADAU, we consistently ran initiatives to facilitate and promote rural education, entrepreneurship, gender empowerment, indigenous craftsmanship and more. We have always been vocal and transparent about our cause and vision right from the materials we source to the charities we have been a part of:

Some of our philanthropic initiatives include: –

  1. Supporting girl child education through “Sewa Prakalp Sansthaan” with a donation of nearly USD 80000 till date
  2. Converted a 17 acres farm into an organic farm that runs on solar energy
  3. Converted an old factory compound into a green area with more than 5,000 plants that will sustain itself even if the factory is demolished
  4. Recycled 53 Kgs of plastic by going door to door
  5. Reduced plastic waste and use by 96% plus in all our premises
  6. Provide food to 2000 people every month using our utensil bank to keep the initiative plastic and waste-free
  7. Became the seed investors in Chakra Innovation by providing them with investment, free office space, and equipment generator
  8. These were some of our pilot projects out of which we are still actively participating in some. The next step is to scale up through ADAU one step at a time.

We hope you will join us in our mission.