Not just another brand, but a movement to give back to our community, planet and environment

We don’t measure our growth with just the revenue or profits, the real growth depends on the impact we create by improving the standard of living of people involved with us directly or indirectly. Some of our charitable contributions and initiatives include: Promoting Women Empowerment While we work towards a holistic integration of sustainability in our production, we also believe in empowering women globally. ADAU will settle for nothing less than transparency and fairness for women coming from all walks of life by supporting them with empowerment, education, equal wages, and fairer lives, till date we have funded the education of more than 1500 girls and continue to do so through “Sewa Prakalp Sansthaan” – a registered organization, which is a unit of Vanvasi Kalyan Asharam, founded in 1980 in Rudrapur, Uttrakhand for the upliftment of vanvasis of Uttarakhand and Western U.P. Contribution towards Mother Nature We are not just committed to ethical practices when it comes to manufacturing our products but also to environmental sustainability. We have planted over 1000 saplings in multiple houses with spare space in their gardens. While we also managed to convert an old factory compound into a green area with 5,000 plants that will sustain itself even if the factory is demolished. One of our initiatives also includes converting a 17 acres farm into an organic farm that runs on solar energy. Supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses We have always opened our arms to support mission-driven entrepreneurs and brand innovators who are shaping the future of our society and environment. ADAU aims to inspire, engage, and equip these leaders to prosper their way towards a better future. From being the seed investors of Chakra Innovation to helping entrepreneurs like Shivangi Singh, by buying all her paintings to support her business after she met with an accident. We want to fuel the entrepreneurial community into a hive of future leaders by supporting and empowering them by connecting and collaborating with them. Our goal is to touch lives every day as with a supportive community anything seems possible. Sustainable Waste Management Practices Sustainability goes hand in hand with waste management and it has always been our priority to recycle, repurpose, and reduce waste to every extent possible. With our zero-waste mindset, we have successfully managed to collect and recycle 53 kgs of plastic to date since February 2020 by going door to door and also reduced its waste and usage by 95% in all our premises. Our team ensures that we comply with all standards and regulations while minimizing waste and environmental impact. Helping the Underprivileged Every single purchase counts, as a part of it, goes as a direct contribution to empower the underprivileged. Apart from that, we provide food to 2000+ people every month using our own utensil bank to keep the initiative plastic and waste-free. Our goal is to remove every barrier from the lives of these people so they can sustain a living and lead a happy life like each one else. We aim to do so by improving their access to skills, essential amenities, and employment hence bringing in economic empowerment and happiness in their lives. Promoting Indigenous Craftsmanship  We create high-quality eco-products that are hand made with love that gives back to the people and rural-artisan communities who manufacture it. Every time you shop at ADAU, you get one step closer to becoming a conscious consumer while breaking the cycle of poverty with your contribution. Each person involved in the production is treated well with dignity, fair wages, and good working conditions. Our aim is to not consume our way to sustainability but safeguard our intangible cultural heritage and traditional artisanry which has been passed on to future generations so crafts can continue to be produced by local communities in order to provide livelihoods to their makers. All our contributions are about happiness, love, and a better tomorrow.

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