One prominent way to be sustainable is to invest in clothes that can be worn throughout seasons, and ways to know how to transition the summer wardrobe into fall. Don’t hang back your summer dresses just yet, style it differently. One of the key ways to transition your summer clothing into winter is to layer them. Invest in pea coats, trench, shearling in neutral colours. Think camel, navy, black, or white. Stock up on tights, from 30 to 100 denier or heat-tech leggings. When layering, go for thinner, sleeker sweaters with thick coats. We are always looking for sleek cashmere sweaters, slightly oversized to wear over dresses, or to lightly tuck into pants. 


Styling Dresses

Style your dress, whether it’s our Cascade Ruffled Halter Dress or Earthen Streak Kimono Sleeve Dress under a light trench, with ankle boots. If it’s colder with a wool coat in camel or black and with knee-high boots. We also love the sheer socks and black heels combination for Thanksgiving parties, opt for that with a pea coat for this season’s get-togethers. Who says you can’t wear brighter colours in the winter, for December and January don our Scarlet Streak Wrap Dress with a sleek beige camel knit on top and a blazer in muted tones. Experiment with the dress as a skirt by wearing a knit over it, it is not only comfortable but a great way to expand your outfit selection. 


Styling Pants

On styling cotton trousers in winter, especially with our Aquatic Yarn Dyed Trouser we always prefer to have on a pair of Wolford tights underneath. Instead of blazers or pea coats, opt for mid-length coats or longer in wool or boucle, for warmth and texture. Instead of shirts, pick for turtlenecks or roll necks. They make for a great juxtaposition of sleeker silhouettes with bulkier coats. 


Styling Tops

When it comes to tops, for our Earthy Brown Check Belly Shirt with V-neck we prefer to layer a black turtleneck underneath, it works well especially with checks. Keep the outfit simple with this, and pick a black skirt with black tights to finish the outfit. For the last touch, pick a pair of platform boots, heeled oxford or Chelsea boots. Layer shirts under your pinafore or slip dresses or over them, or layer Shackets over dresses with coats on top. We love knee-high boots, but keep your boots long or either your coat, if you are feeling experimental go all out. 


On Accessories

Keep your colours earthy and warm; add in blacks and navy’s to bring it further into winter minimalist themes. Oversized wrap scarves double up as work from home layering pieces are a great way to beat the cold. Hats are another great way to accessorize. Knit or cashmere bralettesare also in this season if you are looking for an extra layer. Functional practicality drives shoulder bags and contemporary padding confirms the soft volume trend.


On Colour

We love styling white or with white in winter, style our Earthen Streak Kimono Sleeve Dress with a white/off-white knit, white blazer with gold details, and a pair of white mules or boots. Styling your favourite summer pieces into fall/winter doesn’t have to be complicated but tactful with few key elements like Neo Mint- new directional optimistic mood, Cassis departs sweet tones that impact a deeper fusion of pink and purple, Mellow Yellow feeding into the on-going popularity of earthy, baked hues and Cantaloupe youthful oranges more subdued tone, which offers broader appeal across ages and categories by giving thought to core colour to a fashion.

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