Let go of the “nothing to wear” days. 

Have you opened your wardrobe to find nothing to wear, despite owning multiple trendy clothes? More so, have you struggled to assemble an outfit? Then this is for you. In the new normal, we have been thinking about shifting our old buying patterns and transitioning into new sustainable routines. 


Why Should you Build a Capsule Wardrobe?

Here are a couple of reasons, why a capsule wardrobe might make things easier :


1 Makes it Easier to Create Outfits: A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of timeless pieces. It allows you to pick basics and a colour palette which makes it much easier to pull outfits together.


2 Helps in Identifying What you Like: So much about how we dress is who we are, and who we want to be. Due to the culture of fast-fashion, we end up buying many trendy pieces that we can’t wear after that season and in the process, we also lose the essence of our personal style. A capsule wardrobe allows you to figure out the pieces you truly enjoy wearing and helps you recreate the identify you want for yourself. Then there are no daily decisions required. You get to wear something that you love every day. 


3 A Sustainable Option: Having an ethical capsule wardrobe means that you are curating eco-friendly products that work well together throughout seasons. And, it makes you buy according to what you need or something that might go well with what you already have rather than what you want. This is a great sustainable option that enables you to create more outfits from fewer pieces. 


Build A Sustainable Clothing Capsule Wardrobe

Start by pick minimal, versatile pieces in a particular colour palette. 


Pick your Colours: Here, we are using warm earthy tones that can be transitioned from summer to winter. And, a colour palette that is just perfect for Autumn. You can choose your palette depending on the colours you gravitate towards, it could be white, black, shades of grey or a range of pastels. 


The White Top: Pick pieces that you can layer or wear it just like that. Start with a top that you can wear to work, something that can be dressed up or dressed down. And, what is better than a basic white top for this. (https://adau.life/product/white-box-pleated-top/) Something that is comfortable but also smart enough for the office, for a day out with friends but can also be worn for a dinner or a night out. Make sure that this piece goes with the other pieces you will be choosing. 


Pick a Pair of Pants (or two): Here, we are picking two items, one of them is a blue trouser (https://adau.life/product/blue-yarn-dyed-cotton-trousers/) and the other is cambric cotton brown pant (https://adau.life/product/brown-white-pants/). These add diversity in terms of colour and shape, the sky blue trouser can be worn in the office or for lunch but is smart enough that it can be dressed up with a black shirt and outerwear with minimal jewelry. 

The cambric pant is perfect for a day out, a picnic but can also be worn inside to lounge in with a comfortable cotton top. We especially like the detailing of the white layer, it adds such finesse to the cotton pant and it creates a polished look. You can wear with a t-shirt, or the white blouse, a roll-neck sweater and top it with a trench coat or a leather jacket. 

4 Pick a Dress: Choose an piece of ethical clothing that is either is the base of your capsule collection or combines it. We are picking a neutral coloured dress, our Earthen Streak Kimono Sleeve Dress (https://adau.life/product/brown-kimono-sleeve-striped-dress/) that works well for the daytime and the night-time. Although this isn’t your traditional basic piece, it works well as a summer dress, it can be worn with knits, with a pair of tights and a boyfriend blazer in winter. We chose this dress as it works with outerwear and kimono sleeves just add a little bit of personality to it.


5 And, Another: The fifth item we are picking is a striped dress, the Cascade Ruffled Halter Dress (https://adau.life/product/white-striped-halter-dress/) that is casual enough for a grocery run or a brunch with friends. Pick an item that is fuss-free, easy to put on and comfortable enough for errands but is also chic enough for dinner. This striped dress can be worn with black flats, or stilettos but works just as well with ankle boots and a trench coat. 


6 Last Note: Lastly, create a collection of minimal jewelry, a pair of gold earrings or a simple ring. You can also accessorise with silk scarfs, and if you prefer a hat.

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