Wooden toys are a thing of the present and the future, they are eco-friendly and safe for your child, are durable and encourage cognitive growth. You can not only have stress-free playtime but your child can also reap the many benefits of these toys.



In a world full of plastic toys, and substances such as BPA, PVC, lead paint and so on. Wooden toys are a safe alternative against the sea of plastic. They are non-toxic, often painted with organic dyes and are even naturally anti-bacterial. As little kids love to explore by putting things in their mouth, these toys would ensure their safety. Another factor is that Wooden toys don’t break if they fall, don’t chip easily as well or have tiny parts can separate and be a potential choking hazard.



Wooden toys are open-ended, kids can use their imagination and play with them however they want to, create their own characters and sounds and develop their curiosity and cognitive skills. With plastic toys, often there is sound or movement that hinders this imagination.


Sensory and Fine-Motor Skills Development

At this age, developing and recognising things with 5 senses is critical. Wooden toys allow kids to use all of their sense in their interaction with them. They are also important for the development of small muscles and fine motor skills. Kids strengthen these muscles through repeated play and are also able to develop hand-eye coordination. Sensory play builds interconnections in the neural pathways of the brain, this develops the child’s ability to carry out complex tasks thus enhancing their thought process and developing systems of logic.


Promotes Cooperation

With toys like puzzles or tea-sets, often children can play with others allowing them to build new relationships. They learn to listen as well as inculcate empathy. This makes it easier for them to be a team player or find friends.



One of the prime benefits of wooden toys is that they are eco-friendly, they are biodegradable. If they chip they can be painted over and mended, unlike plastic toys. These toys can also last for generations, so they can always be heirloom toys and can be passed from siblings to cousins or even the next generation.

Our puzzle and tea-set are not only aesthetically pleasing but enhance imagination and logical thinking while developing fine-motor skills. Shop our wooden toys for a safe and an engaging playtime.

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